What if I'm claustrophobic?

The Pod is massive! About 9 1/2 feet long by 5 feet wide and about 5 feet tall and shaped like a giant egg. Unlike older tanks, our Pods are white on the inside and lit should you prefer to leave the lights on. You'll also have full control of the giant, clamshell door. Feel free to leave it cracked or open as you get used to the space, though once you lie back and close your eyes, relaxation will fully take over! 

I can't float. Is this therapy for me?

We promise that, with a half ton of Epsom Salt in shallow water, you'll have a hard time not floating! No effort or work on your part is necessary to stay afloat. So - yes - it's absolutely for you! 

Is the water clean?

Epsom salt is a natural antimicrobial and, due to the high salt content in our Pods, bacteria simply can't live in the water. That said, we also have two filtration systems that cycle all of the water in the Pod twice between users, a bromine system, AND an ozone/UV sanitation system. It's likely the cleanest water you'll ever be in! 

Can I float if I'm pregnant?

Yes!! As a matter of fact, flotation is incredible for relieving the stress - physically and mentally - from pregnancy. The added weight and pressure on the mother's body is likely to cause discomfort and pain and the weightlessness of the Float Pod are a perfect relief. There are also some pretty neat reports from many who floated while pregnant that speak to a peaceful time of connection for mom and baby. 

Will my skin wrinkle after spending so much time in the water?

Surprisingly - no! The high level of Epsom Salts prevent the skin from wrinkling. It will, however, leave your skin silky smooth! 

What if I fall asleep? Will I drown?

Each Pod contains only 10 inches of incredibly salt-dense water, therefore, it is not required that the user know how to swim. As for drifting off to sleep, we highly encourage it! 1 hour of sleep in the Pod is equivalent to about 4 in your bed due to flotation encouraging your brain waves into theta state. If you happen to roll over in the Pod (trust us, it's hard to do), the discomfort from the salt water in your eyes will quickly wake you (don't worry, there's a fresh water spray bottle in the Pod for a quick rinse).