What is flotation therapy?

Previously know as sensory deprivation and now also known as R.E.S.T (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy), flotation is an incredible, calming escape from the noise and sensory overload of everyday life in addition to being a powerful therapy for both physical and mental health conditions. 

Flotation takes place in a calming pod where over a half ton of Epsom Salt has been dissolved in 10 inches of water allowing you to float like a cork - think of it as a mini, private version of the Dead Sea! The water is heated to 93.5 degrees (the external temperature of your skin). Upon stepping into the water, you'll close the clamshell lid of the pod as far as you choose. Recline onto the surface of the water, set the internal lights as you'd like, and that's it! You're floating. 

The anti-gravity, noiseless environment is an incredible tool for unplugging and allowing your mind and body to rest. The Epsom Salt not only provides incredible buoyancy, but also works to detoxify your body, release the lactic acid from your muscles, and is heaven on your skin and nails. 

The peace of the inside of the Pod allows your brain to work - even if you don't feel like it is! Fully freeing your brain from all sensory processing allows it more space and energy to heal itself and heal your body under its own power. 

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The more you float, the better it gets. We look forward to hearing about your personal float benefits. 

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