Flotation for healing, recovery + REST.

Flotation therapy at Float Spa SF in Sneads Ferry, NC 28460 _ chronic pain relief _ muscle recovery _ back pain relief

Flotation therapy is a powerful, self-guided, holistic option for faster physical recovery from training and injury. It also provides symptom reduction from chronic pain conditions and relief from stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions.  Call us to book your appointment or click the button below! 910.526.0244


Now Offering Whole Body Cryotherapy!

Cryotherapy is a dry, cold therapy used to accelerate the body's natural recovery system. Accelerate your body's natural recovery process in 3 minutes or less! Pro athletes and special operators use cryo to recover muscles faster, reduce recovery time post-surgery, reduce inflammation, and boost performance. Others use cryo to reduce symptoms associated with chronic pain condition (Lyme's disease, fibromyalgia, MS, rheumatoid arthritics, etc), boost collagen production and reduce the appearance of cellulite, and amp up the metabolism.

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Cryotherapy at Float Spa SF in Sneads Ferry _ ultimate athletic recovery